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At Alumina India Casting Company, we are industry pioneers, seamlessly merging cutting-edge Japanese technology with indigenous expertise. We take immense pride in crafting high-precision components, specializing in aluminum and its alloys like ADC 12, ADC 10, LM 24, LM 9, LM 6, and numerous others.


We're the fusion of Japanese precision and Indian expertise. Specializing in high-precision aluminum components and alloys, we've earned trust through a legacy of reliability. Our cutting-edge in-house facilities include a 350-ton aluminum pressure die casting machine, milling center, lathe, drilling machines, turning center, grinding machines, and CMM. Count on us for quality and unmatched knowledge in the industry.

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ADC 10 Suppliers in Coimbatore,ADC 12 Suppliers in Coimbatore


ADC 12 Suppliers in Coimbatore,ADC 10 Suppliers in Coimbatore

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Our Products

From intricate moulds to robust structural components, our products exemplify the art of precision casting.
Explore our diverse range, and experience the quality that sets us apart.

ADC 12 Suppliers in India,ADC 10 Suppliers in India
LM 24 Suppliers in India,LM 6 Suppliers in Coimbatore

Our Machineries

Alumina India Casting Company is dedicated to its advanced machinery, meticulously engineered to cater to your manufacturing requirements.Our facility is equipped with a 350-ton aluminum pressure die casting machine, symbolizing our commitment to precision and excellence.

LM 9 Suppliers in India,LM 24 Suppliers in India

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Casting Company in Coimbatore,Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers

Our Services

Discover a range of specialized services at Alumina India Casting Company. We're dedicated to meeting your unique requirements with precision.

Our commitment to professional services is unwavering. Our expert team collaborates closely with you to understand your unique requirements, ensuring seamless project execution, timely delivery, and exceptional results. Trust us for a partnership built on expertise and professionalism.

At Alumina India Casting Company, we invest in high-end equipment to push the boundaries of quality and precision. Our state-of-the-art machinery and technology ensure your projects receive the cutting-edge treatment they deserve, setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

Alumina India specializes in High Pressure Die Casting, a precision metal casting process that delivers complex, lightweight components with utmost accuracy and cost-efficiency. From automotive parts to electronics, we shape the future of manufacturing.

Alumina India excels in Gravity Die Casting, a reliable method for producing high-quality components with precision and cost-efficiency. Our expertise ensures excellence in casting, making us the preferred choice for a wide range of industries.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers,High Pressure Die Castings

Our Strength

Excellence in precision, a decade of experience, and advanced machinery
ensure quality and reliability in every project.

Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers,High Pressure Die Castings
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Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers,High Pressure Die Castings
Weight Range

25 Grams to 10 kgs

Aluminum Components Manufacturers,High Pressure Die Castings
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Aluminum Components Manufacturers,High Pressure Die Castings
Type of Furnace

Medium frequency (induction furnace inductotherm make)

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